Plan to teach a full course on climate change in GCSE classes

Plan to teach a full course on climate change in GCSE classes
London: For the first time in British history, a separate secondary course on climate change has been formed which will be taught under GCSE. It will start in 2025.

Announcing this, Education Minister Nadeem Zhawi said, “Under the new course in natural history, young students will be provided with in-depth scientific education on our planet, its environment and conservation.”

Nadeem Zhawi said that regular training and teaching will be provided to the teachers concerned from the year 2023 and it is expected that it will be fully implemented by 2025. As such, it is the first British secondary school course dedicated solely to the environment and climate change.
The British Department of Education has also said that in this full course, nature, its history will increase the awareness of students about the importance of survival of the planet and its survival. On the other hand, they will learn about the protection of valuable wildlife, the environment and its surroundings, and sustainable eco-friendly development.

Although the details of the course have been decided, it remains to determine the examination procedure and board etc. which is being worked on expeditiously. The main reason for this is that there is a growing concern among European and British teenage students about climate change and the new generation wants to be aware of it.

It should be noted that teaching on climate change and environment is still being provided in the British curriculum which starts from stage three as secondary teaching starts from this very place.

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