PubG Company is moving towards blockchain and NFT video games

PubG Company is moving towards blockchain and NFT video games
South Korea: The world-famous BipG game company has reached an agreement under which it will now launch blockchain and NFT video games and facilities.

PubG’s creator, Crafton Company, has entered into an agreement with blockchain company Solina Labs. Under the agreement, the two will jointly design, manufacture and market blockchain and NFT games. Solina has also recently introduced a low-cost and increasingly popular cryptocurrency compared to Eritrea.

Earlier, the Crafton company announced the development of NFT games and products for the blockchain gaming and Metavers platform. But for the past several months, Krafton has been facing competition from Chinese rivals, and its shares are rapidly depreciating. Blockchain companies in China have turned to South Korea after the ban, which is why Crafton is facing competition.
European and Western game development companies, on the other hand, have distanced themselves from NFT and blockchain gaming under pressure from consumers and fans, even canceling existing deals. Although PubG game has been downloaded on one billion mobile phones, it is not yet known whether the company wants to connect PubG to NFT or blockchain.

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