Rakhi Sawant lost faith in love and marriage

Rakhi Sawant lost faith in love and marriage
Mumbai: Indian actress Rakhi Sawant says that she has lost faith in love and marriage.

According to Indian media reports, Rakhi Sawant was upset when she heard about the violence against Bharat TV actor Kiran Mehra’s wife Nisharawal.

Rakhi Sawant released a video on Instagram in which the actress said that she was surprised to hear about the quarrel between Karan Mehra and Nishawal, both of whom are good friends of mine.
Rakhi Sawant said that she cried all night after seeing the head injury of Nisha Rawal. When the pair of Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal can break, the pair of anyone in the world can break, so now there is no trust in love and marriage.

Actor Karan Mehra was arrested on charges of assaulting his wife but was later released on bail.