Rakhi Sawant reveals that she got married to avoid Gujarat’s Don

Rakhi Sawant reveals that she got married to avoid Gujarat’s Don
Mumbai: Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has revealed with reference to her marriage that she had married British businessman Ratish to avoid Dawn in Gujarat.

Indian film industry actress Rakhi Sawant is a victim of some controversy every day. And these controversies often make headlines. Rakhi Sawant’s marriage is a mystery to everyone as no one has seen her husband since the marriage.

In a recent interview, Rakhi Sawant has made a new revelation about her marriage. Rakhi said she married Ratish, a British-born businessman, to avoid a don from Gujarat.

Elaborating further on her marriage, Rakhi Sawant said that a militant from Gujarat was forcing her to marry him. When she went for a walk with him in Goa, she saw a video in which the man was beating someone in his farmhouse.

Rakhi Sawant also claimed in an interview with the man that he had threatened to kidnap Rakhi if she did not get married. Rakhi later asked her current husband Ratish to find a good man for her and Ratish promised that he would find a good man for Rakhi. During the interview, Rakhi Sawant neither mentioned the name of Don of Gujarat nor gave any details about him.

It should be noted that the news of Rakhi Sawant’s marriage two years ago was circulating in the entire Indian media. Rakhi Sawant shared her wedding photos and said that she is married to a British citizen Ratish. To date, however, no one has seen Rakhi Sawant’s husband.

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