Reality Show “In Front The Camera”

New reality show demo is to be released soon in 2022. Over recent time Tokyoblaison has signed two new entertainers Jacky San Román & Laura Lopez. Jacky is 23 years of age from San Antonio Texas and Laura is 24 years of age from Fort Worth Texas. These two are the hottest upcoming stars out of Texas to make there grand appearance on our latest project.

Laura says that she feels more of an influencer and she has many goals she plans on achieving. Laura said growing up her child hood was very traditional being where her family was from . Her nationality is Hispanic, Mexican American. She hopes to gain a lot of interest from the public to make her grand entrance in the industry.

Both models said the person who inspired them the most was Kylie Jenner. Jacky is Hispanic American. The biggest person she has ever worked with in the industry was George Strait. Jacky also stated that she grew up very spoiled as a kid.

Can these two make a major impact in the industry?

The reality show is based on entertainers in the industry gaining spot light living a luxury lifestyle. It will be based on 4 different girls world wide. The company will run a 30 day demo trailer to gain exposure world wide. Being an entertainer is about showing who you truly are in the industry.

You can look forward to seeing these two in the future. You can follow there instagram pages below.

Instagram: @j_sanroman13 [Jacky]
Instagram: @lauramireyaaa [Laura]