Riteish Roshan “Calm down, I can’t think of remarrying.”

“Calm down, I can’t think of remarrying.”
Bollywood action hero Riteish Roshan has been rumored to have remarried his wife Suzanne Khan for some time now, but Rethick has categorically denied any remarriage.

Ratheek Roshan got married to fashion designer Suzanne Khan in 2000, but after 14 years of marriage, the two separated due to differences and in 2014, the couple got a formal divorce from the court.

Ratheek Roshan and Suzanne Khan have two sons for whom they have pledged to spare no effort. According to Indian media, before the release of his film ‘Kabul’ in 2017, while talking to Filmfare, Ratheek Roshan said that the idea of ​​remarriage could not come to his mind, he now feels calm.

Earlier, Suzanne, Rathik’s ex-wife, had reacted to the news of her remarriage by tweeting, “I urge people to stop speculating. Rathik will never be reconciled.” But we will always be good parents.

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