Salman Khan Corona emerged as the Messiah for the victims

Salman Khan Corona emerged as the Messiah for the victims

India is currently going through the worst wave of corona virus with more than 300,000 cases being reported on a daily basis and nearly 3,000 deaths while the families of those infected with the corona virus are trying to save the lives of their loved ones. The exiles are forced to eat. In such a situation, Bollywood’s Sultan Corona came forward as the Messiah for the victims.

Bollywood’s domineering actors are not only helping people during the worst Corona situation in India these days, but also informing them about the precautions to be taken against the Corona virus and at the same time instructing them to stay at home. Are
Salomian recently distributed food, water and other essentials to about 5,000 front-line workers tested positive for the corona virus. In addition, they not only provided rations to the son of a person who died of the corona virus in the Indian state of Karnataka, but also provided essential items for his education.

It should be noted that the trailer of last week’s Salman Khan’s film ‘Radhe, Your Most Wanted Brother’ has been released in which his rival Deshapatani will be seen in the lead role while the film will be released on May 13 on the occasion of Eid.

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