Samsung is working on a three-screen folding phone

Samsung is working on a three-screen folding phone
Seoul, South Korea: Folding phones from Samsung, Oppo and Huawei have not even become so common that Samsung has started working on triple folding phones. In this regard, three screens can be folded like a piece of paper and converted into a normal sized phone.

In June this year, Samsung filed for a patent for a triple-fold phone. Since then, some patent sketches have been featured on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website. With the help of these sketches, a website called Let’s Go Digital has come up with a conceptual version of the Samsung Triple Fold.

This phone will have three separate screens that will display a wide display when opened. However, one part will be folded on the inside and the other on the outside, ie it will take the form of Z.
Once folded, its size will remain the same as a normal phone and when opened, it will become a large tablet. According to the patent, a full display has also been built on the back while HDMI connector will also be present. There is no indication that the display on the back of the screen will be symbolic or a fourth screen to help take selfies.

However, according to the design, four MP selfie camera as well as fingerprint sensor will be hidden inside the main screen in a very secret way.

According to Samsung, the folding phone has an antenna on the inside which causes communication problems and this confession is very meaningful. Despite all this, Samsung is still at the forefront of the folding smartphone.

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