Satoshi Nakamoto Biography, Facts & Life Story Updated 2021

Satoshi Nakamoto Biography:

Bit coin was worth $1 at 2011, which means he owned $1 Million in 2011.  Now, to figure out the current worth of Satoshi, we now have to take in to account all the Bit-coin hard forks.  But what’s a Bit coin hard fork? Bit coin is a digital currency, which means that it is executed with a great deal of software.

This software is known as the Bit coin protocol and establishes a code of conduct for Bit coin users.  If users are dissatisfied with the protocol, they could produce their own version and fork the block chain. There are approximately 40 hard forks to date.  For instance, for those who own a bitcoin and also a fork happens, you then get !  Which means Satoshi comes with a copy of the hard forks to date.

So, just how much is Satoshi worth today? Just thinking about the bitcoin alone he’s got approximately $11.76 Billion and adding most of the hard forks around $ 1-2 Billion. The net value of Satoshi Nakamoto was $19.6 Billion in 2017.  Subsequently, Bit coin was at an all-time high of $20,000.  It made him the 44th richest man in the world.

If bitcoin reaches $110,000, Satoshi will become the wealthiest man and certainly will maintain # one spot on the Forbes billionaire list.

Satoshi Nakamoto Personal Information:

Satoshi Nakamoto Full Name  Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto Nicknames  N/A
Satoshi Nakamoto Age 45 Years Old
Satoshi Nakamoto Place of Birth  Japan
Satoshi Nakamoto Date of Birth 5 April 1975
Satoshi Nakamoto Zodiac Sign Leo
Satoshi Nakamoto Nationality  Japan
Satoshi Nakamoto Height  5 Foot 6 inch
Satoshi Nakamoto Weight  75 Kg

Satoshi Nakamoto Family and job Details:

Satoshi Nakamoto  Education Cal Poly University
Satoshi Nakamoto Parents  N/A 
Satoshi Nakamoto Status Married
Satoshi Nakamoto Children  N/A  
Satoshi Nakamoto Wife  Grace Mitchell
Satoshi Nakamoto Occupation Inventing bitcoin, Digital currencies, computer science
Satoshi Nakamoto Net Worth $500 Million


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