Short and non-Muslim blindness; Helpful in seeing things ‘detail’

Short and non-Muslim blindness; Helpful in seeing things ‘detail’
New York: Scientists have revealed an interesting condition of our eye that when the first detail is seen from the eye, we are blind to a minor part of a second, but we do not feel it.

According to research, a part of the eye of the eye is ‘Fuellaa’ that shows us the description of the item. For example, in the crowds of many items, when we look at the book or an advertisement on the stall, then it reaches the signal to the brain.

When our eyes are immediately on a small item from a larger scene, then the transfer says ‘Microsecide’, the eye in this process only shows the same item and does not fade the remaining scenes, but they blind them.
According to the Jeans Anto-related jeans in the University of Rochester, due to microscords, there is inspirational for a while, which can say blindness. And when we put the look, it is a process.

Researchers insist that this is a good process and when we remove the eye of the telescope, this process also occurs. It helps to approach the eye towards small and small scene and to look forward to the look.

To confirm this, experts gave some volunteers to play a game on a computer screen, in which they were the ignorance on the creature that he was in the form of animal hairstyle. In case of appearing or fri, they pressed the stack button. Meanwhile a scanner was reviewing the eyes.

All volunteers acknowledged that as soon as they put their look at the big background, they will take care of the insects. Even they could not even see them directly.

This research found that by removing the Blind Spot, we often get ridiculously and this process is better for self-determination.

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