Sleep-depriving genes also protect against mental illness, research shows

Sleep-depriving genes also protect against mental illness, research shows
SAN DIEGO: Scientists have discovered that certain genes found in people who wake up after just four to six hours of sleep a night not only reduce their natural need for sleep, but also find unique cures for mental illness through research on them. I can help too.

Research so far has shown that those who get less than 7 hours of sleep a night and more than 9 hours of sleep are more likely to suffer from mental illness and problems than those who get an average of 8 hours of sleep a night.

However, the study also found that people who sleep only 4 to 6 hours a night refresh themselves and do not suffer from mental and neurological diseases.
These people are also called “elite sleepers”.

Various studies in the past have discovered at least 5 genes that allow the natural duration of sleep to be much shorter than normal, meaning that even with less sleep, complete refreshment is achieved.

In a series of research on mice, Dr. Ying Hui Fu of the University of California, San Diego and his colleagues identified two of these mutated genes that reduce the natural need for sleep and the brain. They also do extra work to prevent dementia and mental illness.

These two genes are called “mutant DEC2” and “mutant Npsr1”, respectively.

Dr. Yinghui says that now we have a potential and promising goal to protect the brain from various diseases, which will be able to work in the future to develop effective drugs for mental illness.

It should be noted that so far we do not have any cure for any mental illness. Even the best current brain drugs can only slow the progression of mental illnesses, which in no way can be considered a complete and effective treatment.

The research, published in the latest issue of the online open access research journal EyeScience, is promising in that it will also help us identify specific proteins that are expected to grow in the years to come. Will be able to cure a mental illness.

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