The mayor of Bad Waltersdorf, Josef Hauptman or the history of discrimination against Romanians in Bad Waltersdorf.

The mayor of Bad Waltersdorf, Josef Hauptman or the history of discrimination against Romanians in Bad Waltersdorf.



In Austria was born – Adolf Hitler.

It was an era of discrimination against Jews and Romanians.


In Austria was born – Josef Hauptman.

This is the era of democracy and love of people


Why does the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf in 2021 repeat the policy of discrimination against people with Romanian and/or Jewish roots? The whole of Austria today is happy for Jews and Romanians alike.


What is the reason for the discrimination in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf alone? Several journalists are now searching for this reason, conducting journalistic investigations, the reasons for this kind of discrimination.


Bad Waltersdorf

The spa town of Bad Waltersdorf is a market town with 3897 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2021) in the judicial district of Fürstenfeld and the political district of Hartberg-Fürstenfeld in Styria.  As part of the Styrian municipal structural reform in Styria, it has been merged with the municipality of Sebersdorf since 2015, and the new municipality continues to bear the name of Marktgemeinde Bad Waltersdorf. The basis for this is the Styrian Municipal Structure Reform Act – StGsrG. Furthermore, the new municipality was extended on the same date by the cadastral municipality Oberlimbach of the until then existing neighboring municipality Limbach bei Neudau.



In the constituent meeting of the municipal council in April, Josef Hauptmann (ÖVP), who had already presided over the municipality until 31 December 2014 and was then appointed as government commissioner due to the municipality merger, was re-elected mayor.[6] The municipal council also includes first deputy mayor Alois Rath (ÖVP), second deputy mayor Ewald Schalk (FPÖ), municipal treasurer Johann Fiedler (ÖVP) and council member Mario Genser (SPÖ).[6]



Thermal spa In 2003 Bad Waltersdorf was awarded the gold plaque by Entente Florale Europe as a European village Bad Waltersdorf is one of the most popular tourist communities in Styria. The village is located in the middle of the two tourist regions of Eastern Styria and Thermal and Volcanic Land Styria. Before the opening of the spa, tourism was mainly limited to summer resorts with low numbers of guests, but afterwards the tourist offer and thus the number of visitors grew strongly.  The Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf, founded in 1984 and since then repeatedly expanded, has its focus on the wellness sector. It was recognized by the Styrian provincial government on April 29, 1982, according to the Styrian Health Resort Law, as a health resort for the supportive treatment of degenerative changes, especially in the context of rheumatic forms (inflammatory, degenerative and soft tissue rheumatism).  In Bad Waltersdorf there are hotels of all categories, with a focus on the four-star range.

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