The Most Expensive Image Mural with Original Diamonds: Price $ 1 Million

The Most Expensive Image Mural with Original Diamonds: Price $ 1 Million
Spain: A popular mural depicting the modern world is currently on display in Spain. It is studded with real diamonds and is valued at more than مل 1 million, the equivalent of Rs. 200 million.

The masterpiece was created by Debbie Wengam and includes images ranging from shoes to cakes and from luxury cars to expensive dogs. Thus, there is a lot of interest for people of all ages. However, experts have called it the most expensive mural in the modern world.

Its creator, Debbie Wingam, sold a similar mural a year ago for 8 800,000, dubbed the Advent Calendar. Now his mural has been erected on the luxurious coastal region of Spain, where the rich people park their precious boats.
Beatles singers, perfumes, expensive jewelry, Rolex watches and supercars can be seen in the picture mural. The whole picture is made of oil, but it also has diamonds in it. The mural will be there until mid-August.

The 40-foot-long and 7-foot-tall mural can now be seen without a ticket, and fans are asked to post pictures and information about it. However, the original diamonds on it are currently in another place which will be affixed on the painting at the end after the auction.

Proceeds will be used for the welfare of families affected by the Ukraine crisis, food shortages and human trafficking.

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