The new US rulers include Pakistanis and Kashmiris

The new US rulers include Pakistanis and Kashmiris
Washington: (Special Feature) Many Muslims have so far won important positions in the new US ruling team, while Occupied Kashmir, which has been under siege for a year and a half, is also being given special importance. ۔

The new team in the United States is about to form a government. There is turmoil in the countries that are violating human rights. Will trade facilities continue as before or will everything be taken away? Will the United States not stand in the way of gaining permanent membership in the Security Council?

Will other countries play the same role in propaganda against China as before?

These and many other questions are circulating in the media and top bureaucracies of many countries, the answers to which are being sought keeping in view the personalities involved in the new government.

He says that if the new government gets adequate representation, it hopes to get a better place in the next world politics, otherwise don’t understand.

Some countries are also worried that on October 15, 2020, President-elect Joe Biden told Muslims that if he won the election, he would lift the travel ban on Islamic countries from day one. I assure you that In my new cabinet, Muslims will be given adequate representation and the abuses committed against them in the past years will be rectified. I will work with you to eradicate the hatred that exists in my society. I will take your opinion and give you respect, Muslims will be seen working in every department in my administration.

They have proved their claims to be true. His team has also included in the orders issued on the first day the lifting of travel bans on Islamic countries.

Let’s read about some of the names of the Muslims who have joined his team so far.

Ayesha Shah is a member of Digital Policy Making

The inclusion of two Kashmiri women in the new president’s team has caused mourning in India. The first woman is Ayesha Shah. Joe Biden has surprised world observers by calling them himself. She was named a key member of the US Digital Strategy Team on December 29, 2020.

His position will be called “Partnerships Manager at the White House Office of Digital Strategy.” Because she could play a key role in developing and implementing the White House’s new digital policy, she is being questioned in many countries.

Global politicians are exploring relationships to reach them. These are the words in every language, who are these women, whom the new ruler Joe Biden himself has called and offered to take over important government positions?

All that is known is that Ayesha’s parents, who are highly educated in IT, migrated from Kashmir to the United States (Louis Xiana) almost three decades ago. While Ayesha Shah specializes in IT in the United States. He is one of the most important, active and dynamic experts in the digital world.

Samira Fazli is the Deputy Chairman of the National Economic Council

The surgeon’s father and the pathologist’s mother wanted their daughter to become a surgeon, but young Sameera wanted something else. From the beginning, she wanted to be in the public service. I want to do something for people, that’s what she told everyone. That’s why he joined the bank instead of the medical profession. She was the head of the community development department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, from where Joe Biden chose, and took her to the White House to open new windows of progress. His colleagues say a whole new world was ahead of him when newly elected President Joe Biden announced that he wanted to include Sameera in his economic team.

Samira Fazli, a graduate of Howard College and Yale Law School, has served as deputy director of the White House’s National Economic Council. It also assists the President in formulating economic policies, and as an oversight body is responsible for ensuring the implementation of policies.