The number of views of YouTube shorts reached 30 billion daily

The number of views of YouTube shorts reached 30 billion daily
Palo Alto, California: There is no doubt that YouTube launched its short video service ‘Shorts’ to compete with TuckTucker, which is gaining momentum and now has a daily reach of 30 billion shorts. Has arrived

Views of the shorts have now surpassed five trillion on the Google-administered YouTube platform, and a test has been launched to show the ad between them. YouTube has also expressed its happiness over this. However, YouTube has also started testing ads between short videos.

Earlier, YouTube announced money and incentives for many people who make short videos, and now there are several steps taken to make it attractive to creators for a regular income as well. According to Google, the number of viewers of shorts has increased significantly and the revenue of video makers has also increased.
That is why we have started considering advertisements among shorts for more revenue. In addition, video can also be included in monetization. However, YouTube emphasizes the best creativity of the creators. That is, if they want to make money, they must take care of the quality in every way.

However, shorts are still being used to promote YouTube’s main channel. However, Tik Tak still has a heavy hand and Tik Tak is the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2022. But to stem the tide, YouTube has also begun offering instant payments to newcomers to the shorts to attract more people.

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