The trend of antibiotics in women is considered harmful to the brain

The trend of antibiotics in women is considered harmful to the brain
Harvard: A study has warned women in particular to avoid antibiotics if they are in their 50s and middle age, otherwise they may lose their mental capacity in the future. Can also suffer from Alzheimer’s.

A study by Harvard Medical School and Rush Medical College found that women in their 50s, if they took antibiotics for up to two months, could have significantly lower their standard acquisition tests than other women after seven years. Is. In this study, experts have also highlighted other important factors.

In 1989, 116,430 female nurses between the ages of 25 and 42 were recruited. All women were asked to fill out two questionnaires each year. They were asked about diet, sleep, exercise, disease and the use of antibiotics. Then in 2009, when the average age of women reached 57, they were asked questions about the use of antibiotics. It called for the use of seven levels of antibiotics over the next four years.
Of these, women who took antibiotics underwent seven years of acquisition and standardized brain tests. These included short term memory, visual learning, attention, processing speed and other tests. The average age of women at the time of the test was 61 years.

It was found that women who took antibiotics for only two months had a brain 3 to 4 years older than their bodies. It was also found that women who used antibiotics more in middle age had an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Experts believe that there is a strong link between the stomach and the brain, as antibiotics first alter the germs in the digestive system, which in turn have an effect on the brain and mental capacity.

Although the study has been published, scientists are pushing for more research.

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