The world’s first mobile MRI machine to diagnose stroke

The world’s first mobile MRI machine to diagnose stroke

New York: Yale University has recently completed a major study using the world’s first mobile MRI machine with excellent results. The machine travels on wheels, making it the world’s first mobile MRI machine.

Find out the features of this machine which weighs 10 times less than heavy MRI machines and uses the equivalent of 35th part of its power but at the same time its price is 20 times less than conventional machines. With all its features, this machine can be a great alternative to expensive, heavy and power consuming MRI systems.

A company called Hyperfine has developed this machine which has been named as ‘Portable Point of Care MRI’. Its heart and brain have the power of computing, using which it does not need a conventional powerful magnetic field and achieves the same results at low power.

The machine can be operated to take the patient to the bed itself and the entire MRI procedure can be performed by plugging in a common electrical socket. In one year, 30 patients were brought in who had a brain tumor or had a stroke. In 29 out of 30 patients, he made an accurate diagnosis of the disease which is very surprising.

Immediate diagnosis of paralysis

Experiments on this machine have also shown that this machine can detect paralysis, especially with great accuracy. In the case of a stroke, the time is shorter because a clot of blood gets stuck in the tiny arteries of the brain. This prevents blood and oxygen from reaching the brain and the parts there begin to die very quickly. In this regard, blood thinners or vaccines are given. But otherwise a ruptured vein in the brain causes blood to flow inside, which requires immediate surgery. This machine tells doctors in both cases when surgery is needed.

The study included 144 individuals who first underwent a conventional neuroimaging procedure and were then diagnosed with a new MRI machine. Experts were then shown scans, which gave them an opinion on whether a cerebral artery ruptured or a blood clot formed. Interestingly, the new MRI machine was 80% accurate.

The world’s lightest MRI system can save precious lives and can be used in remote areas and rural hospitals. However, scientists are now conducting more experiments to obtain data to further the usefulness of this new machine.

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