These images were created by the Image Program itself from Google Text

These images were created by the Image Program itself from Google Text
SAN FRANCISCO: All of the images above are not real, but artificial intelligence has created them with written words. It can be called a new feature of text to image generator. In other words, a picture will appear on the occasion of what Ab writes.

Although it has commercial and expensive software, Google has developed its own software that can be compared to the commercial DALL-E program.

All you have to do is write something in the text box for the pictures and the software will make a great picture by looking at it. Images can also be obtained in the form of CGI, general image and oil painting.
Google officially announced the program last month and is now making great images. Google’s AI model produces beautiful and high quality images. Earlier, in other programs, text images were becoming cluttered, cluttered and blurred.


Google has named its program Imagen. The research team has identified the most basic components of about 200 images and incorporated them into the software. The experts then reviewed the quality of the images created from the text and incorporated this reaction into the software. This improved the algorithm and made the images better and better.

However, Google does not want to make this available to the general public. This is to avoid fake news, rumors, and fake photos of people. The Internet is already rife with fake images that are a headache for the public and institutions.


However, there is also a large database of images on the back of which the AI ​​program has been trained. Experts see another problem in all text-to-image software. When the flight attendant was written, all the pictures were of women, although men are also air hostesses. Similarly, when the CEO was written, pictures of white people came to the fore but no Japanese, African and Chinese CEOs came to the fore.

Google has made a concerted effort to eliminate such biases by eliminating bias.

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