Things that your nails talk about your health

Things that your nails talk about your health


Healthy nails are those that are smooth, shiny and have a decent amount of pink. As we age, our nails begin to break. Wound areas also grow with nails. There may be several reasons for nail abnormalities, including discoloration, separation of nails, blemishes, etc., as a result of lesions, viral warts, and medications such as chemotherapy. Other medical conditions can change the appearance of nails, but it is difficult to diagnose and interpret specific diseases. Now let’s look at the different types of nail abnormalities and how they are caused and what the symptoms are. One of them is nail mold, which is very common. Fortunately, you can use the treatment for nail fungus to solve this problem.

The image above that you see is called nail combs. Because nails are made up of layers of skin cells, eczema is a skin condition that leads to combs, but not to dry skin and bread proteins such as calcium, zinc, can also cause horizontal and vertical nail lines called combs. The edges of the nails are also not harmful.

This disease is known as terry nails because we can see a dark streak on the tip of the nail, causing normal aging, but it can also be seen in people with heart failure, lung disease or diabetes. Med for nail fungus can help you with lot of problems.

The white lines or spots shown in this photo are known as leukonychia. It is often harmless and is the result of poor diet or poor health. Causes also include calcium deficiency, drugs or systemic or metabolic diseases and so on. In the case of nail fungus, you can talk to your doctor about whether it can be a choice for Lamisil nail fungus.

In the picture above, due to a condition called yellow nail syndrome, where the nails thicken and grow slowly or not as fast as normal growth, this nail can also pull out of the nail bed and usually miss the cuticle. Causes include respiratory diseases, swelling of the hands, internal malignancies and more. This does not mean that you have a serious illness, always consult your doctor, who can give more weight to this matter and nail care is enough to change the appearance.


Lot of opportunities are there for you if you know how to become a millionaire with no money. You can stop almost any abnormality by taking good care of your nails and making sure they are healthy, unless it is a serious illness. The first advice is not to bite your nails or scratch your skin, as this could damage the tissue and cuticle, which can prevent the nail from growing. Always trim your nails to prevent breaking or damage to long nails, keeping them in a normal condition shortly after bathing, which will soften the nails. Keep your nails dry, wear gloves when working in water, such as washing dishes or clothes. Apply lotion to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Cut your nails straight and circle the ends gently like an oval with scissors or manicure scissors. You should also avoid prolonged use of nail polish, as it is made from harsh chemicals that can cause skin or nail infections, use a nail polish remover, especially oil. Even if this is not the case, consult a doctor who can tell you more about your disease or a dermatologist who is a dermatologist. Finally, always clean your nails with pedicure kits and make sure they shine for others.

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