This steel mill will be completely solar powered!

This steel mill will be completely solar powered!
Colorado: For the first time, a large steel mill in the United States is set to run entirely on solar energy, which will meet all its 300-megawatt electricity needs from a wide range of solar panels.

It should be noted that steel manufacturing is one of the most polluted industries in the world, one of the main reasons for which is the need for unusually large quantities of electricity.

To minimize steel-related pollution, the Everest Rocky Mountain Steel Factory in the US state of Colorado has been decided to be fully solar-powered from next month.
For this purpose, the Big Horn Solar Project will generate 300 MW of solar energy near the steel mill.

It is a solar farm with 750,000 solar panels spread over an area of ​​1,800 acres.

It was jointly built by British Petroleum and Light Source at a cost of 28 285 million (approximately PKR 50 billion).

All power generation from this solar farm will be allocated to the steel mill from next month which will continue till 2041 under an agreement.

It is estimated that the conversion of such a large steel mill to solar energy will reduce emissions of 433,770 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

To put it simply, the reduction would be almost as if 92,100 cars had not been driven all year.

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