Tik Tok prepares to introduce its own music streaming

Tik Tok prepares to introduce its own music streaming
BEIJING: Short-form video sharing app TikTok is preparing to launch a music streaming service of its own.

ByteDance, the company that owns the viral video app, has registered a trademark in the US called ‘TikTok Music’, which will be a mobile app in the future where users will be able to ‘buy and play music, songs, albums and lyrics’. Will be able to share and download.

According to the foreign news agency, TikTok Music users will be able to “live audio and video” as well as upload and change images as playlist covers. Apart from this, users will also be able to comment on music, songs and albums.
TikTok’s first trademark was filed in Australia in November, six months before the trademark was filed in the US.

The music industry is still adapting itself to the market impact of Tik Tok. The app’s ability to go viral has made some singles popular over the years, as well as rekindled interest in older songs.

Videos on TikTok are not directly related to chart success, but their popularity is directly related to being searched on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube, which contribute to the Billboard charts. .

Music labels are hiring more and more professional influencers to use their music on TikTok or to work on making TikTok-worthy songs.