Tobacco products are having a dangerous effect on the environment, the report says

Tobacco products are having a dangerous effect on the environment, the report says
GENEVA: Smoking kills 8 million people every year, but the industry is not only causing more deaths, but it is having a more dangerous effect on our planet than we think.

According to a foreign news agency, a new report released by the World Health Organization details the devastating effects of this deadly industry on the environment and the health of the general public.

According to the report, 600 million trees, more than 4.9 million acres of land and 22 billion tons of water are affected by tobacco every year, while it emits 84 million tons of carbon dioxide into the environment.
This amount of carbon dioxide emissions is 20% of the amount of this dangerous gas emitted by the airline industry.

The World Health Organization says most tobacco is grown in low- and middle-income countries, where farms and water are desperately needed to grow food crops. Instead, they grow these deadly tobacco plants and grow more and more. The forests are being cut down.

Emission of 7000 toxic chemicals into the environment
The World Health Organization says growing these crops alone is not the problem. But the waste generated from them is also a problem that remains and harms our environment.

Dr. Rodriguez Kreich, a director at the institute, said that tobacco products are the worst products in the world, containing 7,000 toxic chemicals that are released into the atmosphere after becoming waste.

Remaining cigarette butts are another major cause of plastic pollution in the world. They contain microplastics that remain in the environment. Other products, such as tobacco products that do not emit smoke, and e-cigarettes also have a problem with spreading plastic pollution into the environment.

“Every year, about 4,500 billion cigarette filters pollute our oceans, rivers, city sidewalks, parks, soil and beaches,” said Dr. Cretch. Contaminates

On the other hand, the burden of cleaning up the pollution from tobacco products falls on the taxpayers and not on those responsible for the problem. China spends more than ڈھ 2.5 billion a year, while India spends about ً 765 million.

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