Today is World Music Day

Today is World Music Day
World Music Day is being celebrated all over the world today. The purpose of celebrating this day is a beautiful attempt to unite the people of the world in the chain of peace, love and brotherhood through music.

World Music Day started 29 years ago in Paris, France. The music tradition is very old in the subcontinent and besides classical music, ghazals, songs, folk and playback singing are also very popular among the people here. Music is also considered the food of the soul. Many singers, including Amir Khosrow, Tan Sen, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Nazia Hassan, have taken the art of music to new heights.

Music in the subcontinent flourished long before the Mughal period, with hundreds of classical singers from Amir Khusraw to Tan Sen and Bejubawara, KL Sehgal and Mukhtar Begum to the recent past. In the field of music after the formation of Pakistan, names like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan, Farida Khanum, Iqbal Bano, Khurshid Begum, Ghulam Ali, Pervez Mehdi, Ahmed Rushdie and Masood Rana created and sang timeless songs.
In folk music, Alam Lohar, Shaukat Ali, Reshmaan, Pathan Khan, Abida Parveen, Sai Akhtar, Arif Lohar and others brought this art to its peak. Another aspect of music is Qawwali, the brightest star of which is Ustad Nusrat Fateh. Ali Khan, Ghulam Farid Sabri and Aziz Mian and many others have made their fans all over the world with their singing. Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Umair Jaswal and Momina Mustahasan are popular names in pop music nowadays.