Unique fabric with display and touch screen ready

Unique fabric with display and touch screen ready
Cambridge Shire: Scientists at Cambridge University have transformed clothing into a display screen and touch sensor using a brand new technology.

According to the British media, in this unique work, sensors have been woven in the smart textiles and they have been fitted with fiber LEDs through which the whole fabric has been turned into a kind of touch display. In the first phase, 46 textile displays have been developed and the good thing is that smart fabrics can also be made in the traditional way of making cloth.

Although many types of smart apparel have been made before. Some fabrics absorb energy from the sun and movement. Some have a touch of touch. Some garments may be cold in summer and warm in winter but this is the first garment which has many different properties.
It is equipped with fiber-optic LED lights, and other components are extracted from the fiber, including touch and temperature sensors, as well as antennas and biosensors. Interestingly, the energy saving system is also molded into fiber.

After completion, different images and colors appear on the fabric. It also has a touch screen facility and it keeps generating electricity by changing the temperature and moving people.

Being in fiber, they can be molded into any fabric or sweater, and because of their elasticity, they are not damaged by stretching. Therefore, a cloth with a display screen is useful for a long time.

According to scientists, this is the best example of the Internet of Things and according to experts, its future is very bright.

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