v comb in Pakistan

v comb in Pakistan

Are you on the lookout for a? In Pakistan, v comb in Pakistan ? is a versatile tool that incorporates blending and cleansing to remove lice and eggs from the scalp. As it combs, head lice and eggs from the air are released into the grasp filter. A bright LED illuminates the filter unit, allowing you to see what has been removed from the air. The stainless steel teeth on the comb unit have gentle round edges and two connecting angles. Online shopping in Pakistan with free delivery to your home



  • No Loss Only Gain
  • Chemical Free Product So No Damage To Scalp and Hair Skin
  • Remove the Hair Lice and Their Eggs Easily
  • 100% Proven Quality Product For Hair Lice
  • Stainless steel which are good suction power
  • Run on the scalp gently lift the lice
  • Make you feel relaxed from Hair Lice and their Eggs
  • Free shipping to the customers


How to use v comb in Pakistan?

The most common lice treatment on the market today is simple to use. In Pakistan, you will no longer need to include your family in the use of synthetic or herbal therapies for cleaning against lice or other aphids.


The V-Comb is a reusable and delicate head lice comb for both toddlers and adults that is straight and easy to use. This gentle, yet efficient treatment is safe to apply at home and destroys both head lice and their eggs (sticks) without the need of harmful chemicals or special shampoos in Pakistan.

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