Vidya Balan reveals the secret of success in married life

Vidya Balan reveals the secret of success in married life

Mumbai: Indian actress Vidya Balan has revealed the secret of a happy life after 8 years of marriage.

In a recent interview to Indian media, actress Vidya Balan revealed the important secrets of her married life and said that it takes a lot of hard work to make a successful married life because you start a new life journey with such a person. With which you would not have been brought up.

The actress said that it is very easy for you not to give importance to others which is very painful and this is the moment when the attraction of married life starts to diminish.

In response to the question that Vidya Balan said that in 8 years of married life, the only thing to know is that all the hard work should be done so that you do not consider others as unimportant and if you understand this then this relationship becomes enjoyable otherwise There is no fun left.

Actress Vidya Balan and producer Siddharth Rai Kapoor were married in December 2012 and are considered to be a successful Bollywood couple.

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