Weight Gainer Supplement

“It’s not enough that you want to gain weight, you also have to believe it…”

Today, although the complaints arising from excess weight and the parallel diet formulas increase, there are people who want to gain weight to a considerable extent. Gaining weight is much more difficult than losing weight. First of all, it takes process and patience.


Reasons for being weak:


* System disorders, hormonal diseases that make the metabolism work fast, intestinal parasites and absorption disorders, fear of weight gain, psychological disorders and related appetite loss, eating disorder, drugs used and their effects, those who do excessive physical activity, weakening diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and irregular eating and long hunger.


It’s not enough for women who want to gain weight to want to gain weight, they also need to believe in it. If the necessary analyzes are made and there is no valid underlying disease or condition, a target of 2 kilos per month can be set with follow-up and communication under the control of a dietitian. The aim is to create the necessary tissues in the body. Weight is gained to increase fat and lean tissue. The aim should be to increase more muscle tissue.


Ways to gain healthy weight


*Using Promass weight gainer supplement. Promass fast weight gainer provides you with healthy weights thanks to the natural components in it.


* Breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, must be made and it is very important to gain weight early.


* Those who want to gain weight should definitely not skip meals. Without regular nutrition and quality nutrition, weight gain will not occur.


* In order to increase muscle tissue, it is necessary to pay attention to protein and carbohydrate intake. It is absolutely necessary to include a carbohydrate food, a fatty and a protein food in every meal.


* Foods with high calorie and protein value should be preferred for snacks. In particular, nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, toast, milk, cake, fresh and dried fruits, and ayran should be taken.

* Drinks taken with meals cause rapid satiety. Even water consumption should be left 45 minutes after the meal.


* Spices and some sauces, dishes with tomato paste cause appetite. If you do not have hypertension while cooking meals, you can use it easily.


* You can consume fruit compotes instead of salad in some meals.

* Desserts should be consumed in reasonable amounts that will not reduce appetite. Consumption of too many sweets causes a decrease in the intake of main meals and a loss of appetite.


* Do not exercise too intensely. Instead, 30 minutes of brisk walking 1 hour before a meal increases the appetite and increases your calorie intake.


* Nutritional value should be increased while cooking meals. E.g; macaroni can be with cheese or minced meat. Cakes and pastries can be made with hazelnuts or walnuts. You can put ground beef, wheat, rice, potatoes, noodles in soups.

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