What are the anniversary gifts by year?

What are the anniversary gifts by year?

When we were first married and began shopping for our first anniversary presents when we first got married, we agreed to pick items that matched the traditional anniversary presents every year. I’m not sure why specifically, but something about the tradition of giving the same gifts handed out for hundreds of years enticed us.

At the close the first anniversary of being married came around, I realized that we were celebrating a new holidayto celebrate our anniversary. In contrast to other celebrations or holidays that we’ve had, this one felt special due to the fact that it was something we’ve were able to earn. Now, over 10 years into our journey that is marriage have the same feeling. What is my birthday? While I enjoy a day of celebration for me, I was not the one who was in labor. Thanksgiving? Yes, I’m a sucker for pumpkin pie But I didn’t take anything to earn that day off. However, each year of marriage comes with all 365 days of having to decide on one another (and I’ll bet you that it isn’t an easy choice all the times.) That’s why the anniversary gifts we gift to each other each year more unique. The great thing about gifting traditional anniversary presents by the year is that it can to commemorate the date. (Not to mention that it makes the decision of choosing an appropriate gift.) Also, next year we’re likely to get into lace, so I’m sure I’ll find something that’s really nice and possibly even sexually attractive.

If you’d like take part in the tradition of traditional anniversary presents each year, we’ve got ideas and also an opportunity to refresh. For a refresher what you can expect from the traditional wedding anniversary presents:

Anniversary Gifts by Year:

1st YEAR Paper
2nd Year: Cotton
3rd Year: Leather
4th Year: Fruit & Flowers or Linen & Silk
6TH YEAR: Iron / Candy
7th Year: Wooland Copper
8TH YEAR: Bronze
9TH Year: Pottery
10th year: Tin/ Aluminum
11. Steel
12TH YEAR: Silk
13TH YEAR Lace
14th year: Ivory
15TH YEAR Crystal
20TH YEAR China
25th year: Silver
30TH YEAR Pearl
35th year: Coral
40th Year:Ruby
45TH YEAR Sapphire
50TH YEAR Gold
55TH YEAR: Emerald
60th Year:Diamond



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