What do most passengers forget in the car, Ober said

What do most passengers forget in the car, Ober said
California: Online taxi service Uber has released its sixth annual ‘Lost and Found’ list, which lists common and unusual items left in Ober’s vehicles.

The list shows the most common items found in Uber vehicles over the past year, including mobile phones, cameras, wallets, keys, bags / purses, headphones, speakers, goggles, clothes, electronic cigarettes, jewelry and ID cards. Included.

And among the most unique items forgotten by travelers are fried potatoes, a nail, a set of dentures, 500 grams of fish eggs, a pizza design costume, a picture of the American Twelve Sangha, a small guitar, the Best Employee of the Month award. Includes Bernie Sanders small bag, Croatian strawberry, a small bucket of glue, a brown tortoise and a stethoscope.
In addition, Ober reported that more than 40 passengers lost their CPAP machines and more than 30 passengers reported missing toothpaste retainers and five reported loss of dentures. ۔

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