What was the worst moment of Atif Aslam’s life?

What was the worst moment of Atif Aslam’s life?
Singer Atif Aslam talks about the worst moment of his life in a recent web interview.

During the interview, the host asked Atif Aslam about the scariest moment of his life, to which the singer said that the scariest moment of his life was when I lost my child.

“My wife was four to five months pregnant at the time and I had to go to a Turkish show. Half an hour before the show, she called me and told me that the baby’s heart had stopped beating,” Atif said. That we have to do something else.
The singer said that despite hearing this, I went on stage and performed for two and a half hours. After the performance, I came back and told the team that I wanted to go to Konya to visit the shrine. My condition at that time was such that we How helpless we are, we have nothing at our disposal but we are still entangled in everything.

It may be recalled that Atif Aslam was married to Sara Bharwana in 2013 and the popular couple now have two sons.