WhatsApp users’ years-old order is nearing completion

WhatsApp users’ years-old order is nearing completion
California: Need is the mother of invention. Following this, WhatsApp, the most popular social networking platform, keeps releasing new updates to suit the interests and needs of its users. That is why different experiments continue in it day by day.

According to WABETAINFO, a website that provides information about WhatsApp, along with many other interesting changes, WhatsApp is working on a dimension that has been requested by millions of users for years.

Yes, WhatsApp users will now be able to edit the message after sending it. Android, iOS and desktop are testing this feature for all three platforms. At the moment there is no option on WhatsApp to change your sent message, or to add some words or delete something in it, however very soon this interesting change will be at your disposal.
A screenshot of the edit feature has been shared on WABETAINFO, which is currently being worked on. This feature will work in such a way that when you select the message you have sent, along with copy and forward you will also get the option to edit, which will allow users to correct typing or spelling mistakes in the message already sent. We will also take advantage of the facility to increase with.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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