Why did everyone call Bobby Deol ‘Sister Ji’ as a child?

Why did everyone call Bobby Deol ‘Sister Ji’ as a child?
Bollywood actor Bobby Deol is one of those actors who could not get the position that every actor wants in the film world despite inheriting acting.

Being the son of famous actor Dharmendra and actor Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol had to struggle hard to make his mark in the film industry from his childhood.

According to Indian media reports, in a recent interview, Bobby Deol recalled a childhood incident in which he said that when I was a child, I was teased by everyone because of my thin voice.

“I used to get upset when people called me ‘sister’ on the phone,” said Bobby Deol.
According to the actor, when I used to pick up the phone at home as a child, people would think that I was a girl, I would be asked, “Sister!” Are you at home?

“I used to get irritated with the name in the beginning but then I got used to it,” said Bobby Deol.

“In the hotel, because you can talk by dialing the room number, I would call people like that, or if someone called, I would talk like a woman for fun,” he added.

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