Why didn’t Javed Sheikh cast his son as a hero in his film?

Why didn’t Javed Sheikh cast his son as a hero in his film?

Legendary actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Javed Sheikh in his film ‘Wajud’ explained the reason for not casting his own son Shehzad Sheikh as a hero.

Javed Sheikh attended a program on a private TV channel and revealed to his son that he was not cast in the film. He said that when I made the film ‘Wajud’, there was a quarrel in my own house because everyone said that the film Why actor Danish Teymour is a hero, why not Shahzad Sheikh?

Javed Sheikh said that then I explained to everyone that Shahzad was not suitable for this role.
“Being a son, I can’t give Shehzad a role in the film. If I feel that a role is suitable for Shehzad, then I will definitely bring him, but I can’t do it without him,” he said.

Javed Sheikh said that till today I have never called anyone for both Shehzad and Momal but I gave Saleem Sheikh a chance in most films because of his talent.

The film, directed by Javed Sheikh, was released in 2018, in which superstars Nadeem, Shahid and Javed Sheikh appeared together for the first time. The film stars TV actor Danish Teymour, actress Saeeda Imtiaz and Bharti. Actress Aditi Singh also showed the essence of acting.