Why do children fall asleep while studying and how can they overcome this problem?

Why do children fall asleep while studying and how can they overcome this problem?
Reading and writing is the most important thing in life, that’s why one must read something. Some are interested in novels, some are interested in stories, some are interested in fiction and some are interested in beauty tips. But what is the reason that when you start reading about your syllabus or course or your children start reading their school, college and university course in class or at home, they start getting a lot of sleep. It seems as if I don’t know how long I haven’t slept and seeing the boredom of the children, even the teachers get frustrated and teach less and leave.

It would not be wrong to call it a social problem, but it is just a global problem with you or us. But to prevent this, have you ever thought of doing something that will help you to fall asleep while reading and keep yourself mentally active? Nowadays because your exams are about to start and now you are getting more sleep. Find out the ways to get rid of this sleep and read it with heart that can be really useful for you:

* Eating a balanced diet is very important to us and it is important that when the time comes for your exams, try to use a balanced diet so that you can dedicate your physical strength to study.

* In exams, children are reduced as usual due to tension and this is also one of the reasons that they are not mentally active and thus sleep begins to prevail, so reduce the duration of sleep, but some time to sleep.

بچے Most children are accustomed to sleeping in the afternoon and it is definitely difficult to read during this time, so take a break of fifteen to twenty minutes at this time and relax yourself mentally and physically.

پی Drink as much water as possible, the thirst for water decreases while reading and if the heart does not want to do it at all, keep a bottle of water with you at all times and drink water from time to time, it will also wet your brain. And sleep hormones will balance.

* Read as much as you can at a time with full attention so as not to distract. Then take a break and read carefully again.