Women be optimistic and get longer

Women be optimistic and get longer
Harvard: High excitement and hope can prolong women’s lives and thus the lives of women, race, and women in the region can be brought up for 90 years.

The research was done by Harvard The China School, headed by Hayami Koga, saying that high levels of hope, motivation and confidence in diverse groups, and especially women, can extend their lives abnormally. Although there have been several negative effects of hopelessness before, it is now learned that positively thinking good hopes opens the way to fitness and longevity and the elders also get good health.

The Journal of the American Georrix Socity, published on June 8, says that women, in particular, can reach 80 to 90 years, even hopefully. From 1993 to 1998, more than one lakh 59 thousand women were recruited and they were reviewed for 26 years from various questions. In addition, experts continued to follow.
It was learned that 25 % of women who were very optimistic of hopeless women saw a 5.4 % increase in age and 10 % of them were seen for 90 years. This trend was prominent among the women of every color. However, experts have also included nutritional activities, depression, lifestyle, exercise and diseases.

The essence of research is that although life problems can be very bitter, hope should be held in any way and hopefully can open the way.

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