Your Hollywood smile is just a step away- Dental Lumineers

The first thing that you represent as a person or in your personality is your looks, and your smile is the most important and prominent part of your personality. It is unfortunately true that not all of us are born with Hollywood smile. Some have discoloration and others may suffer from crooked or chipped teeth which effect their confidence and self-esteem. Now a days nothing is impossible and with cosmetic dentistry it is very easy to get that Hollywood smile on your face.

Perfect Hollywood Celebrity Smile can easily be gained by having dental Lumineers.  Now let’s discuss everything about it from what are they, who is more suitable to get them, are they temporary or permanent and its procedure.

What, Why and who should get Dental Lumineers?

Dental Lumineers are very thin like contact lenses. These dental Lumineers are placed directly on the top of your damaged teeth without removing any enamel or drilling your teeth like in tooth crowning. It procedure is painless and reversible. These Lumineers in Dubai can be your permanent solution to get that Hollywood smile.

People who suffer discoloration and stained teeth, this dental Lumineers can prove to be one of the best options for them to have Hollywood smile. Yes, there are other option like teeth whitening but they do not exclude all stains and can be for a short period of time, but dental Lumineers have proved to be long lasting and removes every stain to make your smile look stain free, natural and brighter.

Do you have a broken or chipped front tooth that is just in the front and can be seen whenever you talk, smile or even open your mouth. Such things make you uncomfortable with people and with your personality. One may also have a complex by seeing others perfect Hollywood smile. But why worry when you can get the same Hollywood smile by just a decision away to Dental Lumineers.

It is very common in people to have naturally crocked teeth is to have a gap right in between the front teeth that makes them shy and unattractive. Such things may lower one’s confidence and make them shy.  Dental Lumineers is such a blessing and a life saver for all people with above mentioned problems. This Modern cosmetic dentistry helps a person to get their teeth fixed and have their most desired Hollywood smile.

Procedure and Duration

The procedure of Dental Lumineers is very simple and easy. It does not include any pain or grinding the natural structure of your teeth. It gives the perfect look and a permanent bright smile to your face. They are ultra-thin and placed directly on the top of your natural teeth. They look natural and most comfortable from the very first moment it is placed. This procedure may require only up to two visits to your dentist with 1 hour duration. On your first visit the Mold of your teeth will be taken to get it prepared from laboratory, and the dentist may also decide the colour shade that will suit the best for you and may ask you for your choice too. And on your second visit these dental Lumineers are placed on your teeth and you are ready to go home with your amazing Hollywood smile.

These Dental Lumineers are reversible as it does need grinding or changing on your natural teeth structure and clinical testing has proved that they may last up to 20 years or Hollywood smile. Regular visit to dentist and good dental hygiene will help maintain your Lumineers.


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